2018-12-07 Newcastle, UK - The Magpie Salute

Notes from the Taper

The Magpie Salute
Newcastle, ENG

Location: GA, FOB, DFC, 10m from stage.
Source: Schoeps mk4 > Nbob Actives > TinyBox2.5 > Sony M10 @ 24bit/48khz WAV
Transfer: WAV > Adobe Audition+BBE Sonic Max > flac
Tagging & Art: Foobar Live Show Tagger

A Mayhem Inc. Recording.

Thanks to the TMS FOH Sound Engineer for a great sound on the night,
and to Rich's tech Doug Redler for giving the set list off his monitor and some guitar picks
to my friends 13 yo son. They were on he barrier in front of RR during the whole show.

01. Intro: Shake 'Em On Down (Mississippi Fred McDowell)
02. High Water
03. Take It All
04. For The Wind
05. Open Up
06. Fearless (Pink Floyd)
07. Big Time (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
08. I'm Free (MF)
09. I Don't Hear The Sound of You (RR)
10. Sister Moon (acoustic)
11. You Don't Have to Cry (CS&N) (acoustic)
12. Lay It All on Me (TBC) (acoustic)
13. Mary The Gypsy
14. Can You See
15. One Mirror Too Many (TBC)
16. Been a Long Time (Waiting On Love) (TBC)
17. Band Intro's>RR Chat
18. My Morning Song (TBC)
19. Send Me An Omen

Rich Robinson ñ guitar, vocals
Marc Ford ñ guitar, vocals
John Hogg ñ vocals, guitar
Sven Pipien ñ bass, backing vocals
Matt Slocum ñ keyboards
Joe Magistro ñ drums

Opening Act on this tour was Maker.