2019-01-11 Berkeley, CA - The Magpie Salute

Notes from the Taper

Magpie Salute
UC Theater
Berkeley, Ca
January 11, 2019

Recorded by Daspyknows
Dead center First level rail
Schoeps MK4/Baby NBox DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2019.002


I have one more track compared to setlist.fm but since I do not know the material I an't tell if my tracking
or the setlist is off by a track. I know someone else knows better.

01. High Water
02. Take It All
03. Omission
04. For the Wind
05. I Don't Mind
06. Had to Cry Today
07. The Vulture
08. What Is Home
09. Sister Moon
10. You Don't Have to Cry
11. Lay It All on Me
12. Mary the Gypsy
13. Laila II
14. Can You See
15. Paint an 8
16. Under a Mountain
17. My Morning Song
18. Send Me an Omen

No plans on a Friday night and friends going so I figured what the hell. I am not a fan of these guys but I have
liked the opener The Stone Foxes from the times I have seen them. Lots to write about on this one which most
people seem to enjoy but a few don't. They don't need to read about it or bother to comment since this is my
recording and upload. I also figured there was a chance the Zoomie taper might be attending since he is a big fan
(groupie) this was the tour opener and he is supposedly on tour following the band. I decided to just bring the
babynbox in rather than put in any more effort to bring in the full rig through security. I wanted an easy night
since the calendar is busy and lots of higher security shows coming up. While I was waiting outside a guy shows up
and gets all whiney when the guest list wasn't posted yet. Could it be? I got in and found my spot in the perfect
place at the venue. At this venue there really is one prime spot to tape. When I was hooking up the gear I noticed
a bent pin in the baby nbox and the actives wouldn't connect. Fortunately when I was outside I had found a small
nail in my pocket from when I was doing some house repairs. At this point only one option, try and fix it using
McGyver tactics. No point in using internal mics to make a subpar recording. After about 40 minutes of discretely
working it everything fit and got levels. I was also looking out for the Zoomie taper who likes to use the internal
mics and place recorders all over the venue. (why?, it's his deal to do that to make the best recording rather than
using high quality gear). I never spotted him and knew if he was there he would have had to put one right where I was
sitting. No sight of him so I just did my thing and recorded the show. The Stone Foxes opened and put on a good set.
I have seen them a few times and I like them They are a local band that hopefully succeeds. Between sets I chatted
with the couple next to me. Turns out he was the architect who did the remodel of the venue a few years earlier.
Fun talking music with them. Magpie Salute came on and at first the mix was a mess but got better as the set progressed.
The vocals the first song were almost inaudible. My familiarity with the music was limited although when they played
Blind Faith's Had To Cry Today it reminnded me how amazing the Clapton Winwood shows were 10 years ago. The show was
OK, but not a band I would travel for. On the other hand local music is easy and living where I do I am very fortunate.
It sure beats spending the night in. On my way out I saw another taper who was putting away a mic stand. I knew it
wassn't the Zoomie taper since I know he abhors mic stands. Taping shows like this shares the music for others, rather
than for me. For those who like this band enjoy the listen, it sounds pretty good, no need to fluff it beyonnd that.
Looking forward to the next show on the calendar which is more my thing (SEVA Benefit with Wavy Gravy as MC, Jackson
Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Mickey Hart and others. The money is going to a good cause so DONATE if you can). Please,
no comments from those who do not like my recordings, my gear or my stories and please no poorly done remasters,
go make a recording yourself.

Just the basic taper requests here and please no vitriol:
Don't be an ass by selling this or using it in a video that is sold
Don't modify the info file
Don't remaster and/or post on other sites that are not 100% free
If shared keep info file intact but create a second file
Don't convert to lossy formats except for personal use
Do support the artists