2018-08-10 London, England - The Magpie Salute

Notes from the Taper

The Magpie Salute (Acoustic Trio + 1)

2018-08-10 (10 August 2018)
Oslo, Hackney Hall, London, UK

Source: AT933(853C) > CA9100 preamp > Sony PCM-M10 @24/48
Transfer: M10>Audacity (fade in, envelope tool, volume boost + 15.0/16.0, dither to 16/44.1kHz, fade out)>CD Wave>FLAC

Location: Slightly LOC, 3m from stage, mics clipped to collar

Recorded, transferred, and FLAC'd by Humbug.

Time: 87:34

01. High Water
02. Mary The Gypsy
03. Hand In Hand
04. Sister Moon
05. The Vulture
06. Killing Moon (Echo & The Bunnymen)
07. You Don't Have To Cry
08. I Remember
09. Open Up
10. For The Wind
11. Can You See
12. Send Me An Omen
13. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
14. Cold Boy Smile
15. Wiser Time

Alright sounding stealth recording. Mostly quiet audience, who go nuts between songs!
After the in-store at Rough Trade, Matt, Kristin, myself, and a photographer called Lee all piled into a taxi, which took us to the venue.
Doors had already been open a while, and support (Kris Barras Band) were just about to start playing.
I got Matt and Kristin into a position where they could open tape, under the sound booth, but a way back.

I abandoned the idea of open taping, and instead ran my two stealth rigs,
in the best position I could get, slightly to the left of centre, 3m from stage,
pretty much in front of Marc. This is the better of the two recordings I made from this position.
Great playing at this gig. Marc breaks a string in "Mary The Gypsy".
At the encore, the band said they were going to be back in awhile, so I stopped the recording,
and restarted when they retook the stage two minutes later. No music is affected.

Known faults: Tiny amount of rumble occasionally audible where the aircon blew over the mics.
The light knocking noise on the last track is possibly from Marc's guitar?

Rich Robinson - guitar, vocals
Marc Ford - guitar, vocals
John Hogg - guitar, vocals, harp
Matt Slocum - keys