2017-09-26 Portland, OR - The Magpie Salute

Notes from the Taper

The Magpie Salute
The Crystal Ballroom
Portland, OR
September 26, 2017

** 16 BIT **

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6P w/3-way lo-cut filter (@ 80hz, middle setting) > Tascam DR-2d @ 16 bit/44.1 kHz
Mastering: .WAV > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 (Build 299) [iZotope Mastering Suite (declick); minor edits, normalize, & fades] > CDWav tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (level 5) > FLAC > TagScanner 6.0.18 (tagging)
Location: Front row of the balcony, left of centre, mics mounted on the "blue head" (see photo)
Recorded by: Steve "ballsdeep" Hagar
Mastered by: Dennis Orr

01 Intro Music
02 Midnight From The Inside Out
03 Walk Believer Walk
04 Tied Up And Swallowed
05 Omission
06 I'm Free (1)
07 Veil (2)
08 What Goes On (2)
09 Moonlight Mile
10 Miracle To Me
11 Song Of The Flesh
12 Last Time Again
13 The Vulture (1)
14 Time Passes Slowly (2)
15 Everything's Alright (2)
16 Lively Up Yourself
17 Under A Mountain
18 Virtue And Vice
19 P.25 London
20 Chat & Band Intros
- Encore -
21 And The Band Played On
22 No Speak No Slave

(1) Marc - lead vocals
(2) Rich - lead vocals

Rich Robinson - guitars & vocals
Marc Ford - guitars & vocals
John Hogg - lead vocals & percussion
Sven Pipien - bass & backing vocals
Joe Magistro - drums & percussion
Chris Konte - keyboards
Nico Bereciartua - guitars
Charity White - backing vocals
Adrien Reju - backing vocals
Katrine Ottosen - backing vocals, harp, & percussion

Show Notes:
What a rock show last night...though it was more along the lines of "Welcome To Junkietown" (as my time there was bookended with 2 lovely little incidents, the 'cookies' for the Oreo filling that was the show...), or maybe "The Good And The Bad" minus "The Ugly"

To start, there was a lady when I arrived here at the CB. she was on the street walking towards me, and she was screaming at the top of her lungs "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME, YOU CUNT-FACED BITCH"...and there was no one within 20 *yards* of her. #welcometoPortland #shewastheugly

Everything went as smooth as cream (got into the venue about 4:30 to set up), and an 80 minute soundcheck was recorded and filmed.

I got 4 cams set up in the balcony, and then decks were mounted tight, and then the long wait began...(these shows are turning into 8-10 hour days for me...but no complaints here! :) )

Opening with a searing "Midnight From The Inside Out", this show was a rollicking rock show with a continual series of highs, minus any "crash" (gotta keep the phrases drug related, no?).

The good:

- "Walk Believer Walk"...fat, thick, such a treat compared to the tired "Warpaint" versions

- "Tied Up And Swallowed"...the outro on this has really developed into a delicate duel between Rich and Marc

- "What Goes On"...they do the Velvet Underground justice on this one...trust me.

- "MOONLIGHT MILE"...need I say anything else about this?

- "Song Of The Flesh"...this song was played only *one* time on the TSAOC '96 tour...in Portland OR...#promiscuouseyes

- "Last Time Again"...always a highlight, John just nailed his vox

- "The Vulture"...possibly my favorite song that Neil Young never wrote, Marc just carries this song to new heights

- "Everything's Alright"...this song was an utter treat at soundcheck, and they delivered the goods at showtime

- and basically the last 5 songs summed up the evening rather nicely

As you can see, many many highlights...until I went out to my rental car in a SECURED lot. Someone broke out the rear passenger window (the bad)...fortunately, nothing was stolen. The laptop was in a cooler in the trunk, as were all my clothes, a Garmin in plain sight not in the console, and my playback Tascam for the car. All that stuff was still there, and the doors weren't even unlocked. So fucking bizarre

I would love to babble on and on (as there are more stories from last night, trust me) but between the car window and my high-limit credit card frozen last night due to a fraudulent charge at a Pilot I visited 24 hours earlier, and Seattle tonight, I gots to go.

Speaking of "go"...GO throw Dennis a quick "thank you". This shit is up less than 24 hours later. He spends a LOT of time doing this, the least you could do is show some appreciation.

Still fucking off on this end. probably will be the case until they "put me in the box".

break my window and kick me in the wallet, I'd ask if that was Portland's best shot, but this shit happens in 3's....

What was the question again?

-ballsdeep OUT!!!