1996-10-31 New York City, NY - The Black Crowes

Notes from the Taper


Cleaning the polluted Crowes waters with source material!

The Black Crowes
October 31, 1996
Beacon Theatre
New York City

Source: Audience DAT

Recording Information: Sony TCD-D8 & Aerco preamp with Nuemann KM 180
microphones and KM 184 capsules. Recorded 10 feet from the left PA.

Taper: Michael "Datfly" Wolf

Lineage: DAT Master>WAV>FLAC

Mastering Informtion: DAT converted to Wave optically via a Prodiff 96 digital
soundcard into Wavelab. Downsampled from 48kHz to 44.1kHz in Wavelab. Individual Wave
tracks created in Wavelab. Wave files converted to FLAC using FLAC Frontend.

I have listed below the tracks broken out into what I think would be a correct split to
span the show over two 74 or 80 minute CDRs, as the naming convention of the FLAC files
suggest. Note that the last track on Disc 1 and the first track on Disc 2 can be joined
together without a loss of continuity.

DISC 1: 62:02

1. C.C. Rider*
2. Teddy Bear*
3. Jailhouse Rock*
4. Let Me Share The Ride
5. Mellow Down Easy
6. Hard To Handle
7. High Head Blues
8. Blackberry

DISC 2: 49:16

1. Dreams
2. Sting Me
3. Mr. Spaceman
4. Evil Eye
5. Nasty Boogie Woogie
6. Under A Mountain
7. No Speak No Slave
8. Torn And Frayed
9. Jealous Again

Notes: Additional Show Information @ http://www.crowesbase.com/tapelisting.cfm?TapeID=330

*Performed under the name "Jellied Donut"

A special thanks to my long time taping & trading friend Datfly for lending me his
Master DAT to work with!

Torrent uploaded to bt.etree.org on 9/10/05.

Please do not dub to analog tape or convert to MP3 and circulate. If you are to trade
this show, or do a blank CDR+postage offer, please list the lineage to keep the
generational waters clean!

"A Spider-Web Torrent"