2006-03-22 Amsterdam, Holland - The Black Crowes

Notes from the Taper

The Black Crowes

Amsterdam 22-march-2006 Paradiso

Sony TCD-D8 + Core Sound Stealth Cardioid

Disc 1:
(Set One)
01 Wiser Time
02 Sting Me
03 Cosmic Friend
04 Hotel Illness
05 Ballad In Urgency
06 Paint An 8
07 Sin City
08 Boots Of Spanish Leather
09 Jam

Disc 2:
01 Thorn In My Pride
02 Lay It All On Me
(Set Two)
03 Nonfiction -> Monk In Orbit *
04 Steady Rollin' Man
05 High Head Blues
06 Downtown Money Waster
07 Share The Ride

Disc 3:
01 Mellow Down Easy
02 Fearless
03 By Your Side
04 She Talks To Angels
05 Jealous Again
06 Yer Blues

Spoken word section on "Monk In Orbit" by John Sinclair

To all the american tapers who uploaded so much of the 2005/2006 tour, many thanks from me.
Herewith the first Paradiso show from Amsterdam. Taped by a dutch taper! All the other tapers
were stittng on the balcony, so I decided to record right in front of the right speaker set (4mtr distance).
Too bad Marc was a little in the back on that speaker set.

I cut out the crowd between the encore (305-306, I stopped the recorder) and had to switch to LP (32kHz)
otherwise the concert would not fit on a 180minutes tape! I didn't want to lose the encore as you might understand,
so I switched to LP and hoped I had enough tape left, it worked.

Bigger problem was the crowd during Share the ride. Somebody had to have a discussion with his friend in front of me
, around 1m away from my mics. I asked him to move away, didn't work, we got into a discussion and I had a mic
drop out. I cut 40 seconds out of Share the Ride. Your turn to find out where. I think I could mend the two remaining
parts very well.

So enjoy the show. The other dates will come in the next days.

A Mickey Mouse Home Production!