2005-10-25 Denver, CO - The Black Crowes

Notes from the Taper

The Black Crowes

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
The Fillmore
Denver, CO

Disc 1: (46:13)
Set I...
01. Wiser Time
02. Black Moon Creeping
03. Cosmic Friend
04. Comin' Home
05. Soul Singing
06. Hotel Illness

Disc 2: (46:52)
...Set I
01. Sign on the Window
02. Close Up the Honky Tonks
03. Downtown Money Waster > Jam >
04. Thorn in My Pride

Disc 3: (76:10)
Set II
01. Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz
02. Song of Love
03. Title Song
04. Most Likely You Go Your Way & I'll Go Mine
05. Hard to Handle > Jam
06. By Your Side
07. Nonfiction > Jam
08. She Talks to Angels
09. Jealous Again
10. Remedy
11. Willin'

the 'sermon' from Nonfiction (thanks to Mutualdream)

You see my and my friends
we're always talking
we're always dreaming
we are people just like you
who are wondering
where it all went wrong?
you see
there are no answers
to why the people in charge
of this country
who are the same people
who are in charge of this planet
we have no reason
we have nothing to go on
to why they want to poison this earth
see, me and my friends we're are always trying
to get inside of ourselves
because if there's one thing we understand
that's to get inside of this thing
we must get outside ourselves
to get outside of ourselves
we have to get inside ourselves
there's no parradox here
it's simply the way it is
we believe in balance
and we believe for every evil deed
there is a positive reaction, yeah
So..here we are
we are about to say goodbye to the year 2005
and we're going to move into somebody else's vision
of what they think the future is
if we don't have a positive reaction to the evil deed
we are all going to be very, very, very, very sad
yer never very far away
oh no
You're never very far away
I just want
I just want to get outside
I just want to be outside
I hope it's
I hope it's not too much to understand that
the people in charge don't want us to know
that we're the same breath in
and we're the same breath out
we are the same living organism as this entire fucking planet
we are all over a 100 milllion years old
and we are all just being born,
hehe, yeah
in the blink of an eye
in the blink of an eye
we'll good luck to you
we'll good luck to you
and good luck to you
may your days be filled with love
and may you see the tangible qualities of said birth
well that's what me and my friends talk about all the time
and I know that's what on your mind's
on your mind

Thanks to www.crowesbase.com for the setlist.


NOTE: The first two songs are patched from Jeff F's rig (Schoeps MK41 > KCY > SX-M2 > ADC-20 > ODL-312 > JB3). Thanks, Jeff!

Source: MBHO 603a/KA500 > V3(48k) > M1 (TS)
Transfer: ARCHIVE Python 01931-XXX5AC > DAT2WAV > Samplitude(48>44.1 Ultra High 1) > Soundforge(Fades) > CDWave > FLAC16(Level 8)
Taped & Transfered by: Eric Foelske (taperwookie AT gmail.com)