2012-09-11 Columbia, MO

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Blue Note
Columbia Mo
-- Big Moon Ritual --
t01 13:27.11 Tulsa Yesterday
t02 10:33.40 Rosalee
t03 10:10.19 Star or Stone
t04 7:59.62 Tomorrows Blues
t05 8:15.15 Reflections On A Broken Mirror
t06 8:27.58 Beware , Oh Take Care
t07 8:32.44 100 Days of Rain
-- The Magic Door --
t08 5:04.54 Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
t09 6:33.71 Someday Past the Sunset
t10 5:49.63 Appaloosa
t11 14:02.12 Vibration & Light
t12 7:56.21 Little Lizzie Mae
t13 9:28.27 Sorrows of a Blue-Eyed Liar
t14 5:45.20 Wheel Don't Roll
t15 6:47.20 Bertha
t16 6:29.74 Crash on the Levee
t17 4:26.36 I am a Pilgram
t18 4:41.69 Muddy Water

tot 144:32.41

Zoom H4(lowcut=3/levelswitch=l/44.1Khz@24b, Clipped to micstand above head level, just FOB)
Goldwave, unlowcut, Compression, volmax, track, split to 16b
Razorlame (-b 80 -m j -V 4 -B320) for mp3s
Traders little helper for flacs(level=6)

Thanks to the Grace and the band for letting me do this.
Please dont forget to go to their gigs, Check out the merch, and visit their website

Share, never sell, and as Ribblefribbitz says: "Please do not convert to Edison tin cylinders or 78rpm wax discs."

I have a 2gig limitation, so I had to stop the recorder and change the chip as the encore break started.
Then I cut a bit of the encore break out so as to start at the music. Overall about 2-3 min of break is missing.

The Magic Door became "Available Everywhere" on this date, so in a way it was a record release party.

Thanks to Jeremy for getting me there and in!



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