2012-08-18 St Louis, MO

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO
August 18, 2012

---16 bit source---

SOURCE: 4 Mic Mix.

SOURCE 1: Schoeps MK41 Hypercard (XY, 12' tall ) > KC5 > CMC6 > EAA-PSP2 > Tascam DR-680 @ 24/48 DFC FOB at front drink rail.

SOURCE 2: DPA 4021s (ORTF, 12' tall) > EAA-PSP2 > Tascam DR-680 @ 24/48 DFC FOB at front drink rail.

MIX: The 2 mic sources were run right on top of each other on the same stand into the same DR-680, mixed in post. The Mix reduces the gain on the DPA source 7db to bring it in just enough to open up the sound a bit.

LINEAGE: Tascam DR-680 > Computer hard drive > Samplitude 11 (mix, fades, high pass with EQ116, light peak limiting with sMax11, track, resample & dither to 16/44.1) > Traders Little Helper (flac level 6) > Foobar 2000 (tags).

RECORDED BY: Steve Brothers

TRANSFERRED BY: Steve Brothers



(To fit on 2 disks track 12 will need to be at the end of disk 1 with track 11 the second set "intro" track deleted, the second set "intro" track will have to be left off because it will put the disk over 80 minutes)

Set 1

01: Intro
02: Someday Past the Sunset
03: Tomorrow Blues
04: Mother of Stone
05: 100 Days of Rain
06: Never Been to Spain (Three Dog Night cover)
07: Star of Stone
08: Bertha (Grateful Dead cover)
09: Badlands Here We Come
10: Tulsa Yesterday

Set 2

11: Intro
12: Saturday Night in Oak Grove, LA (Tony Joe White cover)
13: Jump the Turnstile
14: Train Robbers
15: Seventh Son
16: Vibration & Light Suite
17: Ride
18: Rosalee
19: Sunday Sound

20: Goodbye Wheeling (Mel Tillis cover)
21: Older Guys (Flying Burrito Brothers cover)

---For trade only, not for sale---


7738fd00b2ea1945a3adf1a9c6663bbd *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t01.flac
734a90edded6c3c2a823d89f51bfde93 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t02.flac
a615eb4339469790cf91bc987aea6f41 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t03.flac
155a3a59d0f3ee3c2a7b0219ea4f924d *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t04.flac
6f21b3046877d8c40806e8d453f2a461 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t05.flac
b30b2e712371483f0210fbbb95b14726 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t06.flac
68f70ff5452689f19b548bc3cc1a44be *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t07.flac
b6f2cc9e6cd66d10cc6f50548903b644 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t08.flac
1fbfacd02e73d71c10dbbda4829b09e2 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t09.flac
3d3c99f45416ef25dfa459e7bdd80030 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t10.flac
39b1d8f71fa42994d8b6c43e7b8da39a *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t11.flac
aa093304cd7cc58c7d2f9f896cee561d *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t12.flac
3dac7fe400363d77a4be4ff1fb345ee0 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t13.flac
27bc6b3c35e2e8b6b74f7b3ab59ba27e *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t14.flac
34c523c09925a02358d705e1b7cfd9f9 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t15.flac
591834dcb36704122fc1af1c5e19b1fd *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t16.flac
d2a19a037063187c92057b2cd9656265 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t17.flac
14386b51ebaeee4d1a1044234e520034 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t18.flac
d8e967de7eadcfb4752f100bdcfe29b2 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t19.flac
66070663413af4c0c0e4ae828a2f8b69 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t20.flac
c46eb5b3d6f0b574b2772d9b4093ca25 *CRB2012-08-18_Schoeps_DPA_Mix_t21.flac



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