2012-05-06 Memphis, TN

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Beale Street Music Festival
Tom Lee Park
Memphis, TN
May 6, 2012

Source: Tascam DR-2d with internal mics (-6 dB backup file) @ 16 bit/44.1 kHz
Mastering: .WAV > iZotope RX2 Advanced v2.02.457 (declick) > Sound Forge Pro 10.0a (fades, minor edits, &
normalize) > CDWav (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (level 5) > FLAC > TagScanner 5.1 (tagging)
Location: Stage right (which is the right side onstage, but the left side looking at it), 20-30 yards from the PA
Recorded by: Steve "ballsdeep" Hagar & Shoshana
Mastered by: Dennis Orr

01 Tuning & Intro
02 Lets Go
03 Tomorrow Blues
04 Tulsa Yesterday
05 Vibration & Light Suite
06 Rosalee
07 Sunday Sound
08 Blue Suede Shoes

Chris Robinson ó lead vocals & guitars
Neal Casal ó guitars & backing vocals
Adam MacDougall ó keyboards & backing vocals
Mark Dutton ó bass & backing vocals vocals
George Sluppick ó drums

Mastering notes:
Minor wind noise in places, and as Steve says below, bleed through from the other stage between songs and in a
couple of quiet spots.

Taper notes:
This show exists only due to the patience of my girlfriend to sit on the ground, in the shade, in 96 degree
mid-afternoon Memphis heat while CRB plowed thru their hour-long set. I took off to see Black Stone Cherry (who
you can hear in the background between CRB songs very clearly; their stage was the next one down the riverbank),
and she sat there, the Tascam and internals just chugging away. Twas good the deck ran, as we did see boa pre-show,
and he confirmed he was just there to enjoy the day vs. document anything. So this is all of what there is, as far
as Im aware (NEVER seen a mic-stand outside of the SBD cage @ Beale). Props be to Shoshana, if yer a CRB fan.

Oh yeh (sic), I do remember this show having a nice, fat, even low-end, and Blue Suede Shoes sounding pretty




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