2011-04-04 San Francisco, CA

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, CA
April 04, 2011

Source: CA-14 cards (clipped to hat resting on upper ledge in front of soundboard) -> CA-9100 -> Sony M-10 (24/44.1k)
Location: FOB
Lineage: Garageband for light EQ, level boost and fades -> export to AIF format ->Fission for splitting -> Xact
Taper: tsquare

Set 1
Tulsa Yesterday
Older Guys
Star or Stone
They Love Each Other
Tomorrow Blues
Tough Mama->

Set II
Hot Buttered Biscuit
-Drive Around Ohio with a 1/2 lb. of Weed-
Roll Old Jeremiah
Blue Suede Shoes
Sunday Sound
Eagles On the Highway
Star Crossed Lonely Sailor
Vibration & Light Suite
E: Girl I Love You
E: Mr. Charlie



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