2018-10-20 Atlanta, GA - Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA

Source: AKG CK1 > AKG C451E > MixPre-6
Transfer: SDXC > Samplitude Pro X3 > dBpoweramp Music Converter > Foobar2000 v1.3.10 (Live Show Tagger)
Mic Location: 7th row FOB, DFC, 9' high, ORTF
Recorded by Jeff Mitchell

Set 1
s1t01 - Meanwhile In The Gods
s1t02 - Tulsa Yesterday
s1t03 - High Is Not The Top
s1t04 - Chauffer's Daughter
s1t05 - About A Stranger
s1t06 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
s1t07 - Good To Know
s1t08 - Narchssus Soaking Wet

Set 2
s2t01 - Saturday Night
s2t02 - Rare Birds
s2t03 - Vibration & Light
s2t04 - Venus In Chrome
s2t05 - The Music's Hot
s2t06 - Ain't It Hard But Fair
s2t07 - Burn It Slow
s2t08 - Behold The Seer
s2t09 - Encore Break

s2t10 - Relax Your Mind



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