2018-10-13 Minneapolis, MN - Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Oct 13 2018
First Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Recorded by Mike Mahoney (mpmgumby AT msn.com)
Sennheiser 421's > Tascam DR100

I stopped tracking shows, I listen to full shows. No Buffering, No Skipped Songs or
Songs Played Out Of Order. Tracking and Editing Take to Long and Is Why I Never Post
Shows Anymore.


Set 1:
Shore Power
Someday Past the Sunset
Reflections on a Broken Mirror
Rare Birds
Good to Know
Venus in Chrome
Beware, Oh Take Care
Set 2 continued
Jump the Turnstiles
Narcissus Soaking Wet
The Chauffeur's Daughter
California Hymn
She Belongs to Me
(Bob Dylan cover)
High Is Not the Top
Ain't It Hard but Fair
Behold the Seer
Enc:Time Waits for No One



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