2017-10-27 Placerville, CA

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Hangtown Music Festival
El Dorado Stage
Placerville, CA
October 27, 2017

Source: K41 > BSC1 > Roland R-26
Transfer: SDHC > Audacity (tracks, 6db bump above 1K) > flac

recorded and processed by John Kahling

photographs by Travis Souza

01 Sweet Thang and Cisco
02 High Is Not the Top
03 Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
04 Behold the Seer
05 Hark, the Herald Hermit Speaks
06 If You Had a Heart To Break
07 Good To Know
08 Narcissus Soaking Wet
09 Ain't It Hard But Fair
10 Vibration and Light
11 I Ain't Hiding
12 Shore Power
13 Bye and Bye
14 Rosalee


Notes: Levels on tracks 1-8 were set a little hot due to taper error. There is some slight distortion in a few spots on tracks 4-8, but they're still quite listenable.



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