2017-08-15 Portsmouth, NH

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
The Music Hall
Portsmouth, NH

mics were hung from lighting rail dfc balcony DIN

Schoeps mk4v>kc5>cmc6>Sonosax SX-R4 (24bit/96khz)

WAV>USB>MacBook Pro>Audacity(tracking,fades)>Sony Soundforge Convrt(resample(izotope,higher than highest settings)/dither(mbit+/ultra, high dither)to 16 bit/44.1k)>XAct(FLAC 8,ffp,fix sbe,tagging)

Recorded and transferred by Andy Murray

Set 1

01 intro
02 Forever as the Moon
03 Someday Past the Sunset*
04 She Shares My Blanket
05 Hark, The Herald Hermit Speaks >
06 Time Was#
07 Train Robbers+
08 Venus in Chrome
09 Blue Star Woman
10 Boppin' the Blues^

Set 2

01 crowd set 2
02 Behold the Seer
03 High Is Not the Top
04 One Hundred Days of Rain
05 Loose Lips
06 If You Had a Heart to Break
07 Vibration & Light Suite
08 Ride+
09 Rosalee
10 encore break
11 Sweet Virginia%

* 1st Time Played
# Canned Heat cover, 1st time played
^ Carl Perkins cover
+ Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud cover
% Rolling Stones cover



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