2017-07-07 Veneta, OR

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Oregon Country Fair
Veneta, OR 7-7-17
Source Info:
Sanken CMS-10 (M-S Stereo Microphone)>Zoom F-8
Recorded 100Ft back from Stage. My stand was stradeling a Tree Trunk and i had a small space to stand in between 2 groups of talkers.
They were Kind people but no one was really watching the show so the back ground chatting is noticable at times.

1) Lazy Days (The Byrds†cover)
2) Roan County Banjo
3) Tornado (The Black Crowes†cover)
4) High Is Not the Top
5) Forever as the Moon
6) Lizzie Mae (>)
7) Can You Hear Me (Lee Dorsey†cover)
8) Clear Blue Sky & The Good Doctor (sans 'The Good Doctor' verse)
9) Boppin' the Blues (Carl Perkins†cover)
10)Star or Stone
11)I Second That Emotion (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles†cover)



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