2017-06-30 Aspen, CO

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood 6-30-2017
The Belly Up
Aspen, Colorado

Source:Sheops MK-41>Sound Devices 552 @24bit/44.1khz
Location: FOB/DFC 25ft from Stage, 7-1/2 ft up
Transfer: Sd> WaveLab(Gain, Convert to 16 bit)> CDWave (Track, convert to FLAC)

Recorded by Greg Cody

One Set

Set #1
1) Sweet Thang & Cisco
2) High Is Not The Top
3) Tornado
4) Clear Blue Sky
5) I Second That Emotion #
6) Badlands Here We Come
7) Tulsa Yesterday
8) California Hymn
9) Try Rock & Roll

Set #2
1) Behold The Seer
2) Venus In Chrome
3) Blue Star Woman
4) Beggars Moon
5) If You Had A Heart To Break #
6) Ain't It Hard But Fair
7) Vibration & Light
8) I Ain't Hiding
9) Shore Power
10) Rock & Roll

* Applause between finale and encore was removed to fit on an 80 min disc
# First time played

The Band Is
Chris Robinson
Neal Casal
Adam MacDougall
Jeff Hill
Tony Leone



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