2015-12-30 Denver, CO

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, CO

source: (directlyBackSBD/DFC/PAS)AKG391 > Oade T+ UA-5 > R-09
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac > tagged in foobar 2000 w/ live show tagger

taped, transferred, mastered, and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings



01. Try Rock & Roll
02. Tomorrow Blues
03. Oak Apple Day
04. Hard Rain Gonna Fall
05. Wheel Don't Roll
06. Train Robbers
07. Forty Days
08. Poor Elijah/R. Johnson


01. Shake Rattle and Roll
02. Ain't It Hard But Fair
03. Someday Past The Sunset
04. Get Out of My Life, Woman
05. Vibration and Light>>
06. Ride
07. Appaloosa
08. Sunday Sound


09. I've Been All Around the World
10. Lost Lonely Eagle
11. Girl From the North Country



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