2015-11-07 Raleigh, NC

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
The Lincoln Theatre
Raliegh NC

source: Microtech sms 2000?mg21(hypers) > M148 > dr680 @24/48
Trans: dr680 > (TLH flac whole file > dropbox to me,
wavelab (fades, ( normalize 1st set only), track, dither(UV22 HR) resample)
TLH ( fix sbes, flac, checksum)

01 Tuning
02 Hello LA
03 Jump The Turnstile
04 Badlands Here We Come
05 Roan County Banjo
06 Oak Apple Day
07 Hard Rain Gonna Fall
08 Tornado
09 Train Robbers
10 40 Days
11 tuning > Sat Night In Raleigh
12 Ain't It Hard But Fair
13 100 Days Of Rain
14 Clear Blue Sky & TGD
15 Hard To Handle
16 Vibration & Light >
17 I Ain't Hiding
18 Got Love
19 enc Last Place That Love Lives
20 I Am A Pilgrim

Encore (with CR on acoustic guitar, Neal on b-bender,
Tony on mandolin, Adam on drums & Muddy on bass)
set 2 starts at t11

location center fob.

Source info. My P2 wasn't working when I got to venue, Frank "fsulloway"
hooked me up!! I patched into his dr680 with borrowed cable from him.
He then sent whole files flaced via dropbox where I converted in TLH
to wave then opened in wavelab.
Very knid act by Frank, many thanks to him for allowing me to get my source.
Also grabbed his setlist.

**Really nice venue, go out and support live music****



Download this show and more at:
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