2014-10-25 James Island, SC

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
The Charleston Pour House
James Island, South Carolina

Neumann KM 84i cardioids spread 22 feet +- in the ceiling > Grace Designs Lunatec V-2 > Sony PCM M-10 at line level
Adobe Audition > CD Wave > Trader's Little Helper

Recorded by: Clay Brennecke (claybrennecke@gmail.com)

S1T01. Crowd > (1:40.20)
S1T02. Shake, Rattle and Roll (6:04.00)
S1T03. 40 Days (11:01.26)
S1T04. If Your Wheel Don't Roll (6:33.45)
S1T05. She Belongs To Me (8:07.61)
S1T06. Roll Old Jeremiah > (12:15.49)
S1T07. Tulsa Yesterday (12:43.06)
S1T08. Tumblewood In Eden > (9:34.01)
S1T09. Never Been To Spain (8:00.40)
S2T01. Crowd > (1:04.20)
S2T02. Saturday Night (4:55.33)
S2T03. Beggar's Moon (8:17.22)
S2T04. Clear Blue Sky & TGD (8:01.73)
S2T05. West L.A. Fadeaway (9:57.53)
S2T06. Vibration and Light > (15:10.24)
S2T07. I Ain't Hiding (7:51.48)
S2T08. Driving Wheel (8:38.02)
S2T09. Rosalee (12:33.48)
S2T10. Hot Buttered Biscuit (5:19.49)
S2T11. Humboldt Wind Chimes * (6:30.00)

*First time Played

Total Length:
Set One: 76:00.315
Set Two: 88:19.967

The CRB features:
Chris Robinson (Lead vocals, guitar)
Neal Casal (guitar, vocals)
Adam Macdougall (keys, vocals)
George Sluppick (drums)
Mark Dutton (bass, vocals)



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