2014-06-17 Apple Valley, MN

Notes from the Taper

Chris Robinson Brotherhood,
June 17-2014,
Weesner Family Amphitheater,
Apple Valley, MN

Opened for Moe,

Recorded by Mike Mahoney (mpmgumby AT msn.com)
Sennheiser e 614ís > Marantz PMD660 (Oade Mod)
Wavelab 6.0

01. Intro,
02. Try Rock & Roll,
03. Shore Power.
04. Beggars Moon
05. Clear Blue Sky & TGD,
06. Vibration & Light,
07. I Ain't Hiding,
08. Rosalee,

Chris Robinson ó lead vocals, guitars
Neal Casal ó guitars, vocals
Adam MacDougall ó keyboards, vocals
Mark Dutton ó bass, vocals
George Sluppick ó drums



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