2022-09-09 Dallas, TX - Circles Around The Sun

Notes from the Taper

Circles Around The Sun
Deep Ellum Art Company
Dallas, TX

Source: Studio Projects B3 (omni) + SBD mix > Sound Devices MixPre-6
Location: onstage; split 15'; 2' high
Pull & Procession: HealthCov Chris @ InsideOut Recording
Photos: Andrew Sherman @ Drewlio Photo drewlio.com

01 Scarlotta's Magnolias
02 Money's No Option
03 Third Sunrise Over Gliese 667
04 Hallucinate A Solution
05 Leaving (Rogue Lemon)
06 Detroit Dos
07 Language
08 Away Team
09 Babyman

Thanks to CATS and sound engineer for hooking me up with the board mix!
Thanks to Deep Ellum Art Company for your ongoing awesomeness and hospitality!!!