2022-08-26 Asheville, NC - Circles Around The Sun

Notes from the Taper

Circles Around The Sun
The Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC

source: post show matrix
aud. source: Neumann AK-40>Naiant> MixPre-6II 32 bit float
Location: clamped above sdbd on projector shelf 8.5' high
SDBD. source: SDB > Mixpre-6II(32/48)
transfer: SDHC>PC>Wavelab 6.1>CD Wave>trader's little helper(flac level 8)

all editing(matrix, fades, gain changes,done in Wavelab 6.1. dither w/ iZotope Ozone 7)

*24bit/48khz fileset*

recorded and transfered by George Hodges, Jr.
A Team Dirty South Recording

01. Moneys No Option
02. One of These Days>Sheep Jam
03. Halicarnassus
04. Landline Memories
05. Pete's Jive
06. Language
07. New Song (Away Team?)
08. Babyman

*-show occured on the 3rd anniverary of Neal Casal's passing

Adam MacDougall- Keys, Synth, Percussion
Dan Horne- Bass
John Lee Shannon- Guitar
Mark Levy- Drums