2018-11-21 Berkeley, CA - Circles Around The Sun

Notes from the Taper

Circles Around the Sun
Berkeley, CA

Source: Avantone CK1 cardioids (DIN) + CA-14 omnis (~1m spread) (both mics ~40 ft from stage, 10' ROC, just to the left of the SBD booth, 9' high.) > DR-60d

Lineage: SD card > Audacity (tracking, mixing) > FLAC 24/48

Taped and transferred by ycoop

01 Ginger Says
02 On My Mind
03 Immovable Object
04 Scarlotta's Magnolias
05 One For Chuck
06 Ticket to Helix > Saturday's Children
07 Encore Break
08 Halicarnassus

Guitar: Neil Casal
Keys: Adam McDougall
Drums: Mark Levy
Bass: Dan Horne